"Do you miss her?" Newt asked. 

"On occasion."


"Do you still love her?" 

He said it as though he were asking for the time or whether it was raining outside. Hermann twisted in his seat to look at him, but Newt’s back was still turned. 

"Of course I do. She was my wife."

"Oh. Well, it makes sense."

The silence that followed was so tense and heavy that Hermann felt almost suffocated by it.

Percy leaned against Dax’s legs, exhaling peach scented vapor as he sighed. “I think we need a bigger apartment.”

"Oh yeah?" Dax asked. 

"Yeah. There’s no way we can raise a kid in this breadbox." Percy let his head drop back, and stared at the ceiling. "She’d either have to sleep on the couch or in our bed, and that’s not an option because I’m still attracted to you."

"Mhm." Dax rubbed his hands along Percy’s thighs. "I only have one question."

"Yeah, yeah, how are we gonna afford it," Percy said. He raised his head. "I’m asking myself that."